Whether you are a beginner or have already studied martial arts

We are certain you will benefit from the wealth of experience our instructors have to offer.

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The goal of Ving Tsun is to teach practical self-defense

borrow the opponent’s strength and turn it against them

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When Considering A Martial Arts Experience

choosing the right martial arts school makes all the difference

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As you progress though our structured training program

You will experience a noticeable improvement in your skills

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Through proper management

Austin Ving Tsun Academy has produced highly-skilled practitioners

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Our core features
Master Webb demonstrating a chi-gerk technique.

Quality Instruction

Our instruction embodies the best of traditional Chinese martial arts training with Master Webb’s modern approach to instruction.

Chi Sao Rolling - Ben and Matt

Intense, Challenging, and Fun

At Austin Ving Tsun Academy, our students experience a noticeable improvement in their skills as they progress through a structured training program – which produces measurable results.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor Training

High Student-Instructor Ratio

Training is conducted in a friendly atmosphere with a high student-instructor ration, ensuring you the best instruction available.

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Best Self Defense for Women

Best Self Defense for Women   When it comes to the subject of self-defense, everyone claims to have the perfect martial art for women. It is true that each martial art offers certain physical benefits and areas of specialty, but how can a woman choose a program that is really going to be functional for HER in a dire situation? In this post we will examine some of the common misconceptions and give women an honest criteria which will help…

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Training Floor

NEW North Facility!

NEW North Facility! The Austin Ving Tsun Academy is happy to announce we have fully moved into and renovated our new facility at 13740 Research Blvd., building W, in the Lake Creek Office Park. Painting, re-carpeting, refinishing the hardwood training floor, and the installation of plenty of training equipment and mirrors highlighted just a few of the changes. Upon entering our new facility, visitors are welcomed into our lobby which features a fully-stocked Pro Shop. Here you will find uniforms,…

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Ving Tsun Classes at the South Location

Ving Tsun Classes at the South Location Classes at the South Location resumed this week on Tuesday, August 29th after the recent flooding in Texas. Beginning class began with focus mitt training followed by three level defense and ended with an exciting up-against-the-wall session. The advanced class focused on exploring the hook defense using several styles and angles of attack. Our thoughts go out to Nick Pickus and his students at the Cypress Tx Branch as the recent flooding slowly…

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Escrima Seminar Flyer - Featuring GM Art Miraflor

Escrima Seminar with Grand Master Art Miraflor

Saturday, May 13 2017 we were honored to have Grand Master Art Miraflor join us at our North location for 4 hours of intense Escrima training. Escrima is a weapons fighting system from the Philippines utilizing sticks, knives, palm-sticks, staffs, poles, swords, double weapons, and even common everyday items.¬†GM Miraflor has nearly 50 years of experience and is the Owner/Founder of Mirarada Escrima Academy in Stockton, CA. Training began with a brief history of Escrima, followed by several impressive demonstrations…

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