Summer Camp 2010

Thank you to those who attended the 8th Annual Austin Ving Tsun Academy SummerCamp on the weekend of July 17-18, 2010!

Everyone had a great time and four instructors tested for higher levels during the camp. Please congratulate them on their achievements:

  • Jeff Ippolito, 2nd degree (Boston, MA school)
  • Steve Edge, 2nd degree
  • Doug Bucher, 2nd degree
  • Jim Crull, 2nd degree

At the seminar, the following students tested for the grades listed below:

  • Andrew L., Sg 11
  • Jim G., Sg 11 (Dallas, TX school)
  • Chuck R., Sg 8 (Dallas, TX school)
  • Rob J., Sg 8
  • Tom N., Sg 6
  • Jason M., Sg 5
  • Craig M., Sg 5
  • Jennifer S., Sg 5
  • Colin Y., Sg 1

Congratulations to everyone who tested!