Winter Camp 2011

2011 Winter Camp

AUSTIN, TX — February 25-27, 2011 – The annual Ving Tsun WinterCamp took place here recently, beginning on Friday evening with a seminar on the long pole taught by Master Webb. On Saturday and Sunday, the general seminar was held and the participants trained for 8-hours over the course of the two days.

Worth special mention were the promotions of two long-time students of the Austin Ving Tsun Academy. Sifu Larry Brown, who received his promotion to 4th degree, has studied with Master Webb for over 14-years and is one of the highest-graded instructors in the NVTO. Harry Lundell, a martial artist since the 1960’s, has trained in Ving Tsun under Master Webb since early 2003 and received his promotion to the rank of 3rd degree instructor.

The following is a list of students who tested at the camp or just prior to the camp, during the last week of February:

  • Sifu Larry Brown, 4th degree
  • Harry Lundell, 3rd degree
  • Andrew Lucchesi, 1st degree
  • Ryan Hoke, 1st degree
  • Nick Pickus, 1st degree (Houston, TX school)
  • Jim Gillentine, 1st degree (Dallas, TX school)
  • Mark P., Sg 11 (Abingdon, VA school)
  • Joe S., Sg 11
  • Adam S., Sg 6
  • Craig M., Sg 6
  • Jason M., Sg 6
  • Sean Mc., Sg 6
  • Jennifer S., Sg 6
  • Colin Y., Sg 4
  • William T., Sg 4
  • Samir D., Sg 4 (Dallas, TX school)
  • Kevin C., Sg 3
  • David L., Sg 3
  • Omar L., Sg 3
  • Larry F., Sg 2
  • Gaylen W., Sg 2
  • Christian W., Sg 2
  • Gops S., Sg 2
  • Manisha S., Sg 2
  • Brandon G., Sg 2
  • Jesse H., Sg 2
  • Chadwick O., Sg 2
  • Mike G., Sg 1
  • Adam S., Sg 1
  • Antonio C., Sg 1
  • Neel S., Sg 1

All in all, it was an event filled weekend and the feedback from the participants was exuberant. Sifu Kenny Felton (3rd degree), one of the Austin-based instructors noted, “This seminar was really good! I spoke with many of the students afterwards and they enjoyed it a lot. For myself, the long pole training was also particularly fun.”