Summer Camp 2011 a Smashing Success

2011 Summer Camp

Summer Camp is an annual two-day seminar led by Master Webb at the NVTO headquarters in Austin, TX. The camp gives new and experienced students alike the chance to train intensively four hours per day with Master Webb and with fellow students from NVTO schools across the country. The focused, sustained training in the camp provides students a unique opportunity to refine their existing skills, store them deeper in muscle memory, and learn new skills.

This year marked the eighth annual Summer Camp, and by all accounts it was quite a success. Dai-Sifu Webb was assisted by his kungfu brothers, Sifu Robert H. Jacquet (4th degree) of California and Sifu Steve F. Frerichs (3rd degree) of Arizona. With over 40 participants from three states, this was the best-attended camp to date. For the first time, the camp was held at the spacious new 2800-square-foot NVTO headquarters in northwest Austin, which opened in May 2011. Students had plenty of room for training in the main hall, and the additional rooms provided convenient spaces for small groups to work together.

2011 Ving Tsun Long Pole Group 2011 Summer Bar Chin Do (Butterfly Sword) Group Photo

The day before the camp, Dai-Sifu Webb taught sessions on the Ving Tsun Bart Cham Do (double-knives) and the Ving Tsun Luk Dim Boon Gwun (long-pole) to the senior instructors of the NVTO, including Sifu Jacquet, Sifu Larry Brown (4th degree), Sifu Frerichs, Sifu Kenny Felton (3rd degree), Sifu Alex McCarrier (3rd degree), and Sifu Robert George (3rd degree).

2011 Summer Long Pole Training 2011 Bar Chin Do training

During the camp, students had the opportunity to train with visiting NVTO members. This was a nice opportunity to “touch hands” with people of different shapes and sizes, which is helpful in refining techniques and learning to adjust to different opponents.

2011 Summer Camp - Sifu Larry showing Lat Sau 5th Section

Sifu Larry Brown (4th degree) showing the finer points of a self-defense technique.

The seminar culminated in the testing and promotion of three instructors: Matt Kessler was promoted to 2nd degree instructor, and Joseph Staats and Mike Herzog achieved the level of 1st degree instructor. In addition, 15 students were tested and promoted to higher student grades.

2011 Summer Camp Chi Sau Group 2011 Summer Camp Brandon and Chris Chi Sau Rolling

After two days of exercise, camaraderie, and fun, participants were tired but happy, and filled with the satisfying feeling of accomplishment. And now that we’ve had a chance to catch our breath, we are already looking forward to the Winter Camp!

Text: Andrew Lucchesi, Photos: Jason Miller