Summer Camp 2012

2012 Summer Camp

AUSTIN, TX – The National Ving Tsun Organization held its 2012 summer camp on the weekend of July 21-22. United by a common desire to refine their ving tsun skills, thirty-six participants from Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix gathered at the NVTO headquarters for two days of intensive instruction.

Master Webb’s weekend camps provide a unique opportunity to train with many people from different schools and of different shapes, sizes, and skill levels. As Kurt Clauser noted, “The opportunity to touch hands with a lot more people allowed me to polish a lot of the stuff that I’m working on. I’m getting a much more thorough understanding of the finer points of the techniques.” Marion Zion agreed: “It was really cool to be able to meet people from all over and train with them. I liked getting a different tip from each person.”

2012 Summer Camp - Master Webb showing a Wing Chun Kung Fu Quan Sau 2012 Summer Camp - Kevin and Avi

Each day consisted of four hours of training, with a two-hour training module each morning, a break for lunch, and then two more hours of training in the afternoon. Participants were separated into groups, added refinements to their current programs, and learned new techniques. The camp provided participants with more time to master their techniques than is possible in a regular class. Avi White observed, “Usually it takes me two or three classes to get something new down. Here, I can learn it in a day.”

Sifu Steve Frerichs, Dai-Sifu Jeff’s kungfu brother and friend for over 25 years, traveled from Arizona to participate in the camp. He arrived early in the week and spent 6 days training at the NVTO headquarters. Sifu Steve, who has studied Ving Tsun since 1979, assisted in the instructor testing at the camp. Sifu Steve is also an accomplished escrimador and is the NVTO’s Esrima consultant. Outside the camp, he worked privately with Dai-Sifu Webb on the PCE (Practical Combat Escrima) program for the NVTO, and taught an small group lesson to three of the Austin Escrima students who are preparing to be assistant instructors.

2012 Summer Camp - Ben and Matt practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu Chi Sau 2012 Summer Camp - Master Webb demonstrating a front thrust kick 2012 Summer Camp - Posing for photo in a Quan Sau












By Sunday afternoon, everyone had sharpened their skills and deepened their understanding of ving tsun. Twenty NVTO members successfully tested and were promoted in rank, including Randal White and Chris Thomas, who spent over 6 months preparing to test for 2nd degree instructor, and Jason Miller, who received his black shirt and was promoted to assistant instructor status.

We are grateful to Master Webb for hosting the annual camp, and to the instructors and students who trained hard and helped each other to improve. As Chuck Roman noted, “The camp was very valuable. I feel that my skill has grown so much in just the two days that I get from the training camp. I would tell anybody in the organization that hasn’t been to a camp, do what you can to come to one.”

2012 Summer Camp

2012 Summer Camp - Siu Nim Tao (Wing Chun's first form)