Escrima Seminar Flyer - Featuring GM Art Miraflor

Saturday, May 13 2017 we were honored to have Grand Master Art Miraflor join us at our North location for 4 hours of intense Escrima training. Escrima is a weapons fighting system from the Philippines utilizing sticks, knives, palm-sticks, staffs, poles, swords, double weapons, and even common everyday items. GM Miraflor has nearly 50 years of experience and is the Owner/Founder of Mirarada Escrima Academy in Stockton, CA.

Training began with a brief history of Escrima, followed by several impressive demonstrations and partner drills. While focus was primarily on single and double stick drills as well as empty hand drills, students were shown how these techniques can be applied to edged weapons. Training was fast, fun, intense and above all, enlightening.

For anyone interested in learning the art of Escrima, the Austin Ving Tsun Academy offers lessons in this, as well as lessons in Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Sign up for a free demo today.