Practical Combat Escrima™ – Filipino Weapons Training

Escrima (sometimes called Eskrima, Kali, or Arnis) is a weapons fighting system from the Philippines. The training begins with techniques utilizing a single stick which can easily be adapted to the use of any weapon.

This includes short and long sticks, knives, palm-sticks, staffs, poles, swords, double weapons, and even common everyday items such as a set of keys, an umbrella, or even a ball-point pen.

While most people don’t carry around exotic weapons, the person trained in Escrima can use practically anything within reach as a weapon for self-defense.

Practical Combat Escrima™ is a modern, reality-based approach to weapons fighting. Devoid of fancy twirls and flourishes, it focuses on teaching the student how to apply blocks and strikes with power, speed, timing, balance and body unity.

At Austin Ving Tsun Academy, we offer on-going classes in Practical Combat Escrima™ at both the north and south locations. Weekend seminars and short-courses are also available.


NEW Escrima Class Schedule (Starting Jan 6, 2018)

Location Saturday
North School
(12636 Research Blvd)
10am to 11am
(beginner & intermediate)
For more information on our Escrima program
call (512) 707-2982, or Request A Free Trial Today!