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We are certain you will benefit from the wealth of experience our instructors have to offer.

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The goal of Ving Tsun is to teach practical self-defense

borrow the opponent’s strength and turn it against them

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When Considering A Martial Arts Experience

choosing the right martial arts school makes all the difference

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As you progress though our structured training program

You will experience a noticeable improvement in your skills

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Through proper management

Austin Ving Tsun Academy has produced highly-skilled practitioners

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Our core features
Master Webb demonstrating a chi-gerk technique.

Quality Instruction

Our instruction embodies the best of traditional Chinese martial arts training with Master Webb’s modern approach to instruction.

Chi Sao Rolling - Ben and Matt

Intense, Challenging, and Fun

At Austin Ving Tsun Academy, our students experience a noticeable improvement in their skills as they progress through a structured training program – which produces measurable results.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor Training

High Student-Instructor Ratio

Training is conducted in a friendly atmosphere with a high student-instructor ration, ensuring you the best instruction available.

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2013 Summer Camp - Master Webb Celebrates 30 Years of Martial Arts Training

Summer Camp 2013

AUSTIN, TX – The annual NVTO SummerCamp took place recently in Austin, Texas, over the weekend of July 20-21, 2013. More than 40 practitioners representing 7 NVTO-affiliated schools from across the country converged for a weekend filled with 8 hours of hands-on training. Participants engaged in a mix of fighting applications, reflex training, street self-defense, anti-grappling, and refinement of their skills. Conducting testing at the seminar were Sifu Kenny Felton (4th degree) and Sifu Robert George (4th degree), both of…

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2012 Summer Camp - Master Webb demonstrating a front thrust kick

Summer Camp 2012

AUSTIN, TX – The National Ving Tsun Organization held its 2012 summer camp on the weekend of July 21-22. United by a common desire to refine their ving tsun skills, thirty-six participants from Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Phoenix gathered at the NVTO headquarters for two days of intensive instruction. Master Webb’s weekend camps provide a unique opportunity to train with many people from different schools and of different shapes, sizes, and skill levels. As Kurt Clauser noted, “The opportunity to…

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Sifu Harry

Harry Lundell Receives the Sifu Title

Interview conducted by Tre Castillo In December 2009, I had finally decided to formally begin taking martial arts, a decision which brought me to the Austin Ving Tsun Academy headed by Master Jeff Webb. During my first class at the academy, I was introduced to instructor Harry Lundell, who had started training with Sifu Webb back in 2003 at the age of 59. From my first day onward, Harry has been instrumental in my Ving Tsun training. I’ve always looked…

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2012 Winter Camp

2012 Winter Camp

AUSTIN, TX – The National Ving Tsun Organization held its annual winter camp from Thursday, February 23, through Sunday, February 26. Forty-three students from schools in Texas, California, Arizona, and Virginia gathered at the NVTO headquarters in Austin, TX to train intensively for four hours per day with Master Webb and fellow students and instructors. This winter camp started out with two special modules for instructors. On Thursday, Master Webb taught a tutorial on wooden dummy chi-sau to a small…

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